The ReVise Project Featured!

Education is Job One

One of the seeds that Davis has nurtured in her time as director is graduate student professional development. The graduate students who developed the projects mentioned previously all went on to get jobs and in some cases, create labs similar to the DWRL, showing the valuable professional development inherent in the research, experimentation, and teaching that happens in the lab. Even for graduate students who are just teaching in the lab, but whose concentrations are not DLL (Digital Literacies and Literatures) but instead Victorian Literature or the like, Davis explains, the development of digital skills potentially gives them a layer of experience and expertise over other job candidates. It also establishes them as innovators who can lead positive change wherever they end up working. An example of the value of digital training for scholars who are not on the DLL track is “The ReVise Project” by Amy Vidor and Caroline Barta, which won the The John Slatin Prize for Mastery of Electronic Media in Education. The project uses DWRL resources to “remix” revision, teaching students in their 309K classes (“Rhetoric of Women in Dystopia” and “Rhetoric of the iPhone”) to rework textual course content into digital presentations ultimately demonstrating how medium, genre, perspective, and audience can alter argument?

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Scalar and the Slatin Prize

My writing & teacher partner (however insufficient those descriptors are) Amy Vidor and I are pleased to announce that our collaborative submission, the ReVise Project, won the 2017 Slatin Prize for “Mastery of Electronic Media in Education” from the Department of Rhetoric and Writing at the University of Texas at Austin. As our Scalar ebook / submission shows, our reimagining of the revision process uses multi-modal concepts, collaborative workshops, and our Digital Writing and Research Lab classrooms.

We’d love to see you remix for your classes at another educational institution!