Caroline B. Barta is a scholar of culinary history, cultures of reading, and kitchen literature.

My dissertation uncovers how Julia Child and her collaborators used her 5,000 volume cookbook collection and practical research into their reading audience to shape Mastering of the Art of French Cooking’s creation, publication, and marketing. I demonstrate that Child and her collaborators recovered and modeled the dominant model for a successful cookbook. Other interests include the history of women’s reading and women’s writing in English.

Caroline is currently a PhD candidate in English Literature at the University of Texas,  at Austin. She also holds an MA from Boston College and a BA from Baylor University. She has received research funding from the Bibliographical Society of America, the Harry Ransom Center, the Newberry Library, Boston College, the University of Texas, the Modern Language Association, and the Mellon Foundation.

She also works an administrator of the University of Texas’ lower division writing program for the Department of Rhetoric and Writing; as an editor and content creator of public humanities content for UT Liberal Arts Public Affairs; and as a freelance copyeditor and copywriter.